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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doctor Who Retrospective - Villains: Omega

Omega debuted in the 1973 episode "The Three Doctors", which was the first episode that featured past incarnations of The Doctor working with the current one. Omega is a legendary Time Lord who worked alongside Rassilon, another Time Lord hero and the very first President of Gallifrey, to develop time travel. However, during an experiment to use a star as a power source for time travel, Omega was caught up in a supernova and was presumed to have died a hero's death. It turns out, though, that he had actually fallen through into an anti-matter universe, where he has the ability to create anything he desires with his mind. The isolation slowly drives him insane, and he decides to concentrate on returning to the positive matter universe to get revenge on the Time Lords who, in his deranged mind, abandoned him. The Time Lords bring together the first three incarnations of The Doctor to stop him before he breaks free into the positive universe, which would destroy the very fabric of existence.

The second, and final, appearance of Omega is during the 5th Doctor's era in the 1983 episode "Arc of Infinity". Omega is freed of his exile in the anti-matter universe by using The Doctor's DNA to construct a positive matter body as a vessel for his consciousness. The body is not permanent, though, and The Doctor must find a way to send Omega back before any of his anti-matter energy makes contact with our universe.

Omega hasn't returned, or even been mentioned, in the new series, but I think it'd be interesting to see him return - especially if he is still using the Fifth Doctor's form (which would be a great way to have Peter Davison return to the series as a villain!). I mean, for godsakes, they brought back the Macra in "Gridlock", and they were uber minor villains that haven't been seen since the 60s! Anyway, even though Omega has only been in two Doctor Who stories, he's an interesting villain, and one I'm sure we'll probably eventually see again!

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